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We have two different types of CNC lathes at our disposal. Two, HAAS ST-30 CNC turning centres and one Colchester Combi K3.
ST-30 machines are designed to be extremely rigid, providing heavy cutting capability and high thermal stability. These characteristics, along with a bar feed facility, allow machining of high precision, quality components in large quantities or as one off parts.
The HAAS ST30s are equipped with a 12 position turret and have a capacity of Ø533mm x 660mm long.

The Combi K3, being developed specifically for the workshop, allows for tool room production and lower quantity batch work.
With the K3 we have the ability to produce highly accurate component over a longer length, up to 1100mm.
The Combi K3 is equipped with an 8 position turret and can hold a maximum billet of Ø460mm x 1100mm long between centres.


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